Frequently Asked Questions

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Is ViewData GDPR Compliant?
Yes ! We take data protection very seriously. Please check out our Data Privacy Policy and our Terms and Agreements.
Does ViewData save my Tableau account credentials?
Absolutely no ! Like we said, privacy is our main concern, so we will never save your Tableau Credentials. This is why we will ask you to log into Tableau everytime you want to create a new ViewData dashboard. Check out our Data Privacy Policy.
Does ViewData access my databases or the information that my dashboards contain?
Never. Just as your Tableau credentials, ViewData will never save or store your information. All data is consumed via Tableau API and it will be displayed in ViewData, but never stored. Check out our Data Privacy Policy.
Do I need to be a Site Admin in Tableau Online?
No, you can use ViewData with a Creator, Explorer or Viewer license, and there is no need to be an admin. As long as you have the Online Site URL you can easily use ViewData!
Does ViewData work on any Browser?
No, at the time we can only provide our ViewData experience through a Google Chrome Extension. We will soon release an extension for Firefox. Check back for news soon.
Does ViewData work on any Website?
That's our goal ! But, as websites can have a large set of technologies, some of them might not work smoothly with ViewData. Are you experiencing an issue with a specific website? Let us know so we can fix it for you!
Is there a free version of ViewData?
When you sign up for a free trial of ViewData, you’ll get 14 days of unrestricted access to everything that ViewData has to offer—no credit card required.
Does ViewData work with Power BI?
We are working on that ! Check back for news soon.